Friday, May 18, 2012

 I have not been able to post any photos for a while, and at last I have a computer that will allow me to do so, so here are some of my impressions of the road, and some of the things I have seen.

The path followed, on several days, an old railway line which, like the old Roman roads, usually goes in a straight line.  This one had its fair share of water on it that had to be negotiated. 

Sometimes the towpath on the side of the canals was a little track, at other times a well defined path
Walking along the edge of the forest, I bumped into this group of Randonees, who were out for a Saturday stroll. 

 ....and here is the Roman Road.
This was lunch stop for the day, and it was just after this that I took the wrong road .
Very often though, especially in the last few weeks this is what the road has looked like.
Very quiet bitumen but very  hard on the feet.
This road is winding through one of the many forests.  

These are the flowering cherries that  scattered their petals, like confetti, over eveything. 

 Napoleon stands atop the gate of the military school that he went to in Brienne le Chateau, and below are some of the pollarded trees in the path leading to his former school.

More pollarded trees, knotteed and knarled, and
 below you can see what they look like as they start to shoot.  

I talked earlier about the scenery, and this is just one of the scenes I saw, repeated often, along the way.

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